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Quality Concept at High Standards

Cornelia Hotels prioritizes quality practices and actions to ensure the sustainability of high quality service, guest satisfaction, and environmental and social-added value.

Cornelia Hotels, together with its staff, has the determination and capability to work to protect the natural environment, to always be a leader in the national and international market and provide the best quality service.

The main goal of our hotels is to provide the necessary conditions within the scope of Total Quality Management to achieve success in Environmental Management; to produce and serve safe and healthy foods; to ensure guest satisfaction; to raise awareness of all our employees to meet their expectations; to provide trainings to gain individual responsibility; and to act in a continuous developmental and innovational approach.

Our management rule is to support, protect, develop and maintain the dynamic structure of our quality management system, while acting in accordance with the Total Quality vision.

Our hotels prioritize hygiene conditions with the Food Safety Management System application for the health and safety of our guests and employees, and take all necessary precautions for the production and presentation of healthy food.

While carrying out our activities, we determine the effects on the environment, take the negative effects, potential hazards and our waste under control, take the necessary measures to minimize air, water and soil pollution and energy consumption, to ensure the effective use of natural resources and continuously improve them. We ensure the protection of biodiversity ecosystems.

To determine the expectations and needs of our guests and to ensure their satisfaction, we consider all comments and suggestions from our guests, evaluate them and make the necessary improvements.

We take the utmost care in information security, which is the most important asset of our hotels, evaluate it in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, protect it from all internal or external threats that may occur intentionally or accidentally, and ensure security in information collection and processing activities.

All these are done in accordance with national and international standards and legal regulations.




ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ISO 22000 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM have been established in an integrated manner and we continue to work in accordance with the requirements of sustainable tourism.


Our brand helps to reduce CO2 emissions by giving priority to local companies in our purchases. The chemicals we use in the facility are ones that do not harm the environment and human health. Our choice of new technologies that can create an alternative to the use of chemicals supports the use of natural methods. To minimize electricity, water and energy expenses, we pay attention to the positioning of equipment within the facility, using A energy class equipment, choosing "Eco-Friendly" and "Recycled Products" and applying saving measures. Our brand implements waste management and supports recycling. It gives priority to energy supply from renewable energy sources. It supports natural life by protecting and incorporating endemic plant species. It supports the natural life of the Caretta-Caretta turtles, which use our coast as a breeding ground, by making the necessary arrangements during the breeding period.


Continuing its activities with the vision of being a favorite brand that is always remembered and recommended, Cornelia Hotels has made it its mission to offer guests a different world in which they feel special, with its understanding of quality service and innovative policies. In this context, we play an active role in these works by supporting social responsibility projects in different fields, and we support the existence of these institutions and organizations by making donations in line with their needs.


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